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6-16-17 Summer Time Again

Schools out for Summer!!! It’s time to laugh and play outside with the humans!!! Here are some fun activities that my human found online…be creative…and if you have some other ideas post them at the end of this blog to share with other humans.

1. My favorite inside toy is a Kong…it’s red, my favorite color. My human stuffs it with treats on the inside like my peanut butter…my personal favorite and stuffs it in the freezer the night before our adventure. The next morning when we go outside to play, we take my frozen peanut butter Kong to the park and we play catch. I might get it all slobbery on account of the delicious cold treats inside.
2. We don’t sweat like you humans do. We try to regulate our sweat through our paws and panting. So…my human puts doggie shoes on my paws so that the pavement doesn’t burn my paws and puts a wet frozen bandanna around my neck that was popped into the freezer the night before our outing. I am ready for FUN!!!
3. My Human likes to hike on trails and to make it fun for me…because I also like to dig…my human buries fun stuff, including treats along our trail and let’s me dig for the treasures.
4. I love to play in water and so does my human. My human hooks up a water sprinkler and we run through it playing catch with a frisbee. My human always gets tired before I do.
5. Sometimes we have lunch dates at a dog friendly restaurant. That’s the best! I get great food and I get to meet other great fur buddies.
6. I don’t know about you, but I love to snuggle with my human at a drive-in theatre with a big tub of popcorn and dog treats. We sit outside the car on a big blanket and watch a double feature. Some theatres have doggie areas where we can potty even.

Now it’s your turn…be creative…but remember all we really want to do is spend some time with our favorite humans. I love this quote…”I don’t shed. I emit magical fibers of joy and love.” Let’s go outside and PLAY



10-17-16 Halloween
Sofi wants to make sure that everyone’s pets are safe on Halloween! Sofi says…. Make sure you choose a pet-safe Halloween costume for your fur-baby. Avoid collars that could choke, toxic paints or dyes, and costumes that could interfere with walking. Make sure your fur-baby has fun and stays safe on Halloween. Also, best to keep your fur-babies inside during the evening on Halloween unless you are outside with us. If you want to treats your fur-baby, make sure you do not share your chocolate with us. What treats we love on Halloween and can eat are the following: apples, apricots, bananas, blueberries, cantaloupe, mangos, orange slices, pears, pineapple, plum, pumpkin, and watermelon, so don’t forget us on Halloween!
9-21-16 Sofi Says


9-16-16 And Toto, Too
By: Sofi’s Mom’s BFF, Lola.  Lola is a rescue dog advocate, and has three Trinity GAP rescues even though she lives in Kansas.  She is also a high school theater teacher.

Growing up in Kansas, I was so proud of the fact that my favorite movie
about a little girl named Dorothy Gale, was also set in my home state. I was heartbroken when I found out later that the movie was not actually filmed in Kansas, and Dorothy wasn’t really from Kansas. However, I quickly recovered when I would once again get caught up in the magic of watching this beautiful and incredible movie.

It was a family event at our home. With popcorn, apple slices, and soda pop in hand, we would all gather around our television screen, and watch this magical story unfold. We all had our favorite characters and would sing along to the very familiar songs. My mother loved Glinda, my father knew all the words to the song of the not so courageous lion, my brother loved to run around and make the sounds of the scary flying monkeys, and me…well my loyalties were split. Every little girl wants to be Dorothy and sing the song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and wear those gorgeous ruby slippers and I was no different. But my heart would skip a beat when Dorothy`s little furry friend, Toto would come onto the screen. I loved that little dog.

As an adult, I ran across a book written by Father Nathan Castle entitled “And Toto, Too:” He also had a passion for the movie and like me, was in love with the little four legged star named, Toto. In his book, he likens Toto to the very heart of God himself. The analogies that he makes are very thought provoking and I believe to be spot on for all of us who have a Toto in our lives.
Along her journey, Dorothy meets many friends but the one true friend that is with her from the very beginning and risks his life to save her is, Toto. Dogs are the most loyal companions one could ever want. They love you unconditionally. They don`t care what you look like or if you have the best of everything. Every time you walk in the door from a long day in the world, they wag their tail and want to lavish nothing but pure unconditional love upon you. Does that sound familiar to you? I believe that Jesus shows us His love through the most simplest of ways…why not through the pure love of our fur babies?

I love Father Castle`s book and would recommend it to all my fellow
#oziantotodorothy lovers out there. He begins one section of his book with
a joke that I would like to end this blog with, so here goes….Question: How
can you recognize an agnostic, dyslexic, insomniac? Answer: He lies
awake every night wondering if there is a Dog. Do you believe in Dog?
F.Y.I. Fun Facts about the fur baby that played Toto…
1. Toto was a female Carin Terrier named Terry.
2. She also starred in the movie, “Bright Eyes” with Shirley Temple
3. She was in a total of 16 movies.
4. She was owned by trainer Carl Spitz of Chicago, Illinois
5. Terry was born during The Great Depression
6. During the filming of “The Wizard of Oz”, Terry almost lost her life when
a Winkie Guard accidentally stepped on her, breaking her foot.
7. Terry spent two weeks recuperating at Judy Garland’s home.
8. Garland wanted to adopt Terry but of course his owner wouldn’t agree.
9. Terry’s salary for the movie was $125.00 a week, more than many of
the human actors or many working Americans at the time.
10. Terry attended the premier of the movie at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.
11. Because of the popularity of the film, Terry’s name was changed to Toto
in 1942.
12. She died at the age of 11 in 1945.


8-26-16 Beware of Pit Bulls...they will steal your ❤
I was in Hobby Lobby the other day browsing through pictures of dogs and I came upon a colorful picture of a pit bull with his/her tongue hanging out, ready to give some lucky person a very wet kiss with the above caption written on the picture. I bought the picture, of course, because you see, my husband and I own two of these love able creatures…Hadley and Pebbles. They both give my husband and I lots of joy, but they also love on everyone they come in contact with at our place of business. They are both rescue dogs, and we are so blessed to share a fur-ever home with them. Pit bulls get a lot of bad press. I would like to shed some light on this myth. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a companion and family dog breed. Originally bred to “bait” bulls, the breed has evolved into all around farm dogs, and later moved into the house to become “nanny dogs” because they were so gentle around children.
Some of the unique characteristics of these gentle giants are: they adapt well to apartment living, all around friendliness, easy to groom, do well with children, and are very trainable. These dogs love people and have no idea that their size makes it hard for them to be a lap dog. They absolutely love to cuddle and preferably on your lap. They are confident and very aware of their surroundings and are very good watch dogs, but that is as far as it goes. Imean they are eager to meet who is on the other side of the door because they love people. They do love their owners and if their owner is being attacked they will lay their lives down to try to protect those they love…after all …it’s their family! Are there some vicious pit bulls? Yes, but that is because there are bad “owners”. Some of these people use the pit bull’s loyalty and love of owner, to make their dogs mean, but that is not the breed’s fault. It is the owner’s fault! Sadly pit bulls are the most abused dogs, but their nature is to love and be loved. Like every dog, this breed needs early socialization, exposure to many different people, sights, sounds and experiences- when they are young. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to rescue an older baby. They also just need to be loved, cuddled, and to feel a part of a furever home. My best friend has a four pound Chihuahua, Sadie, who has a more aggressive personality than both of my pit bulls put together. I hope I have dispelled all those negative ninnies who say all pit bulls are mean…they obviously have never spent a minute with one of these gentle babies. By the way, while I was in Hobby Lobby I bought another picture of a “pitty” with a caption that I think sums it all up, “You can’t ban happiness!”
8-11-16 Max and Bella...Romeo and Juliet...naming your fur baby!
“What is in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet…” Shakespeare
According to the AKC website, Max and Bella are the number one male and female puppy names and although I love the poetics of Shakespeare, he’s wrong…names do matter. Naming your puppy may not be as important as naming a baby, but it will be a name you and your fur baby will live with for a long time. So….before you decide on a fur-ever name for your fur-ever friend at least consider the following truisms.
1. Dogs have an easier time hearing hard consonants and long vowels, one or two syllable names such as, “Bella or Max”.
2. Stay away from names that sound like commands such as, Kit, which sounds like sit or Joe which sounds like no.
3. Pick a name you are going to like to say and not one you would be embarrassed to yell across a dog park!
4. Many dogs hate their names! The reason is because their owners use their name when scolding or for commands. The harshness in your voice tells your BFF that you are angry. Soooooo, say their name lovingly more than you do when you are scolding. Just as a child knows when he or she hears their first name followed by their middle name spoken harshly they are in TROUBLE, so does sweet little Bella Grace. Reduce the negative verbiage and increase the rewards when little Maxie is doing the right thing.
5. Get to know your fur baby before you choose a fur ever name. Try to come up with an inspired name. Here are some fun facts in regards to puppy names, enjoy!😊 After the movie,

  • “Frozen”, the number of dogs named after one of the characters rose 900%.
  •  In 2013, there was a 37% rise in food themed names.
  • 20% of all dogs have human names.
  • The year Derek Jeter retired the name “Jeter” was a popular dog name.
    A good puppy name is important and there are many websites full of popular
    puppy names, don’t stress about it, have fun and have a blessed day!🐶

8-04-16 “Potty Training, Sadie Grace”
By Lola Wade
First, I have a confession…I am terrible at what I am about to talk about in this blog!
I will tell you what the experts say is the best way to potty train and I am sure it works. I mean they ARE the experts, they know what they’re talking about, right?

My baby girl is a four pound, eight month old shelter rescue wired hair Chihuahua with an attitude and a diva personality. I tell her all the time, “If you weren’t so cute and I didn’t love you so much…” as she is very nonchalantly pottying on my wood floors, after just coming in from outside, giving me one of her cute little sideways looks, as if saying… “You know I am too cute to be mad at.” She’s right! But…I do hate cleaning and mopping floors several times a day. I resorted to the unthinkable ….I put down puppy pads! I know that this is shameful and expensive but she does use them when I don’t get her outside quick enough or have to be gone from home too long. I love her and we will figure all this out, after all, I have only had her a month. I have two older dogs and they have survived potty training so I have hope that Sadie Grace and I will look back on this as just an adjustment period for both of us. This is what the experts say is the best way to potty train your little four legged bundle of joy:
1. It takes vigilance, patience, commitment, and above all consistency! Establish a routine…like a baby, puppies do best on a regular schedule. A
schedule teaches your puppy that there is a time to eat, play, and potty! Experts say a puppy can control his/her bladder one hour for each month it
is old. Saddie is 8 months old, so she should be able to control her bladder for 8 hours, should being the operable word. It is suggested that if you
work out of the home that you hire a dog walker to potty your puppy if you are going to be gone longer than they can hold their bladder.
2. Take your puppy outside frequently…every two hours is suggested. Definitely after naps, eating, or drinking take them for a short potty break.
3. Pick a bathroom spot and always take your puppy on a leash to that spot. While your puppy is pottying use a phrase like, “go potty” so your baby will
learn the phrase and associate it with the action.
4. Reward your puppy every time she/he eliminates outside by giving her/him a treat or a gentle pat and a “good puppy”. Do it immediately, outside.
Don’t wait until you come inside. She/he will not know what you are rewarding them for if you wait.
As always, for more interesting facts on how to potty train your new puppy,
google it. There are many experts and lots of good ideas but in the end, you have
to do what is best for you and your new little bundle of joy. I have to go…Sadie
Grace wants my undivided attention, as always, have a blessed day!!!
7-28-16 ALLERGIES, yuck!!!!!!
Millions of people love sharing their homes and lives with pets, even those who are allergic to animals. Unfortunately, some people think that once they are diagnosed with a pet allergy, they have no choice but to remove their pet from their home…how sad, and so NOT the answer to the problem. If your family member’s allergies are simply miserable but not life threatening, try these five steps:
  1. Create an “allergy free” zone in your home…usually where the allergic person sleeps. Make this area off limits to your pet.
  2. Use air cleaners throughout the rest of the house. Clean frequently and thoroughly to remove dust and dander. Wash pet beds regularly.
  3. Bathe your pet on a weekly basis. Make sure to use a good animal shampoo. You might want to get product suggestions from your veterinarian.
  4. Don’t be quick to blame the family pet for your allergies, see a doctor and get tested.

Medical control of symptoms, good housecleaning methods, and a stringent pet

care routine will most likely succeed in allowing an allergic person to live with
their pets. If possible, don’t let allergies break up a beautiful friendship!!!

7-18-16 “Home Sweet Home” Crate Training
“Crate training uses a dog’s natural instincts as a den animal. A wild dog’s den is his home, a place to sleep, hide from danger, and raise a family.” The crate can become Hazel’s den, an ideal spot to snooze or take refuge from anything that may cause her some anxiety. A private room with a view…sort of. Here are some tips to train your furry baby to love his/her crate home.
1. Place the crate in an area of the house were the family hangs out…your four legged pal doesn’t want to be stuck in some area all alone…little Hazel wants to hang out with the family.
2. Put a soft towel or blanket in the crate, so it feels nice and cozy, a feeling we all love with your scent.
3. Take the door off the crate or just keep it open so your prince or princess can explore this new hangout. Make sure the door is securely open and is not going to fall and hit young
Hazel, thereby traumatizing her to never want to go near the crate.
4. Some dogs might be naturally curious to explore these cool digs but if yours isn’t, entice them with a few food treats nearby…use your sweetest, happiest voice to get them to come
closer. Don’t ever lure them inside the crate and then slam the gate shut!!!! It will scare them into never coming within a hundred feet of that crate ever again. You don’t want to pent up
in some cage and neither does your furry four legged friend.
5. After a few days, and your dog now will go freely into the crate, you can start feeding them inside the crate. Place the food dish all the way in the back of the crate. If your baby is
reluctant, move the dish further to the front of the crate. It may take a few days to get your baby to trust going all the way to the back of the crate to eat. You can skip this step
altogether if you have another specific place you would rather feed your fur baby.
6. After your dog is going inside the crate more and more and staying for short times, you can start trying to close the door. Try calling him/her over to the crate and giving a command
such as, “Kennel”. Point to the inside and if your young genius goes inside, give him/her a treat along with a verbal praise. Then…close the door, still giving lots of verbal praises.
7. Sit quietly by the crate for five to ten minutes and then go into the other room for a few minutes. Come back into the room, sit by the crate for a few and then let Miss Hazel out with
all sorts of verbal praises as well as hugs and kisses. Repeat this process for several days, each time lengthening the time spent in the crate for Miss Hazel.
8. If your baby whines and wants to be let out of the crate, it is important to let him/her out, but not until the whining stops. If you let them out while they are whining, you will just
tell them that all they have to do is whine and you will come running and let them out…negative reinforcement!
9. After your dog will stay at least 30 minutes in the crate without getting anxious, you can begin leaving your baby in the crate while you leave the house.
10. When you return, try not to excite your dog…keep your return low key so your dog will not get anxious while you are gone and wonder when you will return.

A crate is not a magical solution; if not used properly, your dog can feel trapped and frustrated. If this happens, you will have much bigger emotional problems
which can cause you and your furry friend a lot of stress. SOOOOO, this is my unsolicited advice…the crate should ONLY be used for the following three things… house training, a dog does not like to soil his/her den; it can limit access to certain areas of the house while your new friend is learning all the rules; and last, but no means least, it is a safe way to transport your precious in a vehicle.

For more tips, google crate training, and you will find a plethora of exciting things you can try. Have a blessed day!

6-30-16 !Pets and HOT🔥Pavement!
It is summertime in Texas, and that means hot days and pavements. When you walk your dog on the sidewalk, anything above 87 degrees, can be hard on their paws. Mutt Shack walks our dogs in the early morning before the pavement gets too hot, and on our grassy areas with limited pavement contact as the day heats up.
We do our final walks in the evening when the sun has gone down.

Here are some important tips for walking your BFF!

1. Walk your dog in the early morning hours or the late evening before it gets hot. Never walk “Miss Scout” in the heat of the day. It’s not good for either of you.
2. Ignore those, “Stay Off the Grass” signs or walk where it is “dog friendly”. My point is walk, “Baby Pebbles” in the grass. It’s much cooler and easier on their tender paws.
3. Try dog shoes 👠or at best doggie socks. Any pet store would carry these in all sizes. “Princess Nina”, will be the envy of the dog park in them. Some dogs have a hard time getting used to wearing them but honestly, they will thank you later with all sorts of wet kisses.
4. Clean and moisturize your sweet, “Queen Hadley’s”, paws often. Your BFF’s feet are as tender as yours. You wash and moisturize your feet. Make a night of it and do yours then do your fur baby’s. It can be “bonding time”.
5. Check your dog’s feet often for any cuts or sores. If you see any, take, “Brave Radar” to the vet. A healthy dog is a happy dog!

The above tips will keep “Sweet Beasely’s” paws protected against this summer’s extremely hot pavement and sidewalks. Have a blessed summer and “Party On” with those four legged BFF’s.😎

6-20-16 Water Safety for Your Fur Babies
Summertime, George Strait, cold drinks, sunglasses, umbrella, sunblock, a pool or any body of water, and your best four legged friend, can life get any better? It can’t , if you have read water safety tips for your fur friend. Don’t assume because it is a dog that it can swim, that’s just another, “Urban Legend”. You can google safety tips for dogs around water or you can just continue to read this blog. Either way, don’t neglect to research this, your BFF is counting on you to be responsible for their health and safety.

1. Make sure your dog can swim. Train your dog or find someone who can train your dog to swim. Either way, make sure your Fido can do the “Dog Paddle”.
2. Invest in a dog life vest. Any pet store will carry them. As the owner, this can give you a lot of peace of mind. Most of the life vest are very bright colors so you will also be able to see you dog. Even with a vest, don’t ever assume you can feel safe to leave “Loveable Lucy” alone in the water. Her safety is in your very responsible hands.
3. Be extremely vigil with older dogs. Be aware of any health issues that might make it dangerous for them to be around water. The responsible thing to do is to get an, “All Clear”, from your vet that, “Sadie the Lady” can join the family in the pool.
4. Learn dog CPR!!! Yes, there is such a thing, I kid you not. There are training centers that teach the proper way to administer it. Of course, with today’s technology you could Google it and watch a video. Should your dog, have a horrible accident, …you would be so happy if you could bring, “Ricky Ricardo”, back from almost crossing the rainbow bridge.
5. Fence your pool, when possible. I know this is a big expense but for a BFF that spends a lot of his or her time in the back yard unattended, it could be a lifesaver.

6-4-16 Why Mutt Shack Walks Your Dogs
Walking your dog is important, not only for your dog’s physical health, but also for their mental and emotional stimulation. Walking is instinctive for dogs, they enjoy the smells, sights, and sounds they encounter on their daily walks. At Mutt Shack we have green space and nearby walking trails where your dog can enjoy safe and satisfying walks with lots of sights, sounds and smells for them to investigate. Walks are also a very important part of your dog’s training. Your dog will not only get at least one twenty-minute walk per day, he/she will also get potty walks every two hours. Walks are included in both our doggy day care and boarding prices. There are no add-on fees for individual walks at Mutt Shack. In addition to walks, your dog will also get inside play time in one of our two doggy day care play rooms based on their size and temperament. Our playroom has rubber floors which are easier and safer for your dog’s physical health. We hope to see you soon at Mutt Shack, and look forward to getting to know your very special dog on their daily walks.



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